Amber Necklace


Baltic Cognac Amber Necklace (Approx 45cm)

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Baltic Cognac Amber Necklace

Approx Length: 45cm

It was around 40 million years ago when Amber was created from a number of now extinct pine trees which exuded large amounts of resin. As this resin slowly flowed down from the trees, it collected many different forms of life, such as minerals, vegetation, even air and water. These perfectly preserved forms are seen as inclusions in the amber.

Baltic Amber is found along the Baltic coastlines of Kaliningrad and Poland.

This stunning warm cognac amber flat bead necklace, looks especially spectacular in natural light when the sun catches it’s transparency. It is warm to the touch, light weight and comfortable to wear. The clasp is a screw clasp, which makes it relatively easy to put on and take off.

Please be sure to read the care card that comes with this necklace.

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